We are spiritual beings in a material world, let's make the best of it!

Soulshakes is a virtual exploration of all the woo-woo things your "realist" friends don't want to hear about: energy practices, chakras, collective unconscious, creative expression, deep thoughts, love and gratitude, ancient wisdom, and anything else that makes your heart and mind open. It's a safe space to lay out your crystals, visualize your higher self, and ignite your kundalini. Namaste my friend.

Hi, I'm Diana and I'm an idealist. I see and feel the collective unconscious shifting and I'm fascinated by this phenomenon. I also love exploring creative expression, personal growth, and daily practices that enrich our lives. That's why I started this site, mostly to write about stuff I'm interested in :)

I want to live in a sustainable world where we exalt the wonders of nature, bring out the best in each other, and cherish the great diversity among all beings while also acknowledging that we ultimately come from the same source. Most of the time it feels like this is a fantasy, but every once in a while I see great hope in action, and that's enough to know it's possible and that I'm not alone.

This site is my playground, but in my professional life I'm a creative content freelancer for mission-driven brands, which means I strategize, write, and sometimes design for entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits who are focused on creating some good in the world through their work. Words and images for the sake of uplifting humanity are my life and career, it's another thing I'm immensely grateful for. More on my freelance work here if you're interested.

Lest you think I'm all sunshine and inner peace, I also have a family with two little wildling boys who rock my world. Some days we are blissful and harmonious, and other days I'm a hot mess on wheels just trying to get by like everybody else. Life is messy and that's ok. I've found that cultivating a daily creativity practice really helps maintain the balance. As a self-proclaimed multipotenialite, I do that in many different days.

I live in western Massachusetts where nature is abundant and the people are kind, it's basically paradise... except in the winter, but we get by with lots of tea and warm hugs. 

Anything else you want to know? Reach out and let's connect, if anything it would tell me whether anyone is actually reading this :)

(scenes from my personal life, which you can follow on Instagram if you like)

Want to connect? I would love to know your story, please reach out and we'll have a heart-to-heart.

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